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UnitingCare Queensland recognises that some people, while children in the care of the Uniting Church and/or former Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches, did not receive the love, nurturing and care that they rightly deserved.  The Uniting Church has expressed regret and sorrow to these children who suffered neglect and abuse while in institutional care provided by the Church and its agencies in the past.

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, and the Queensland Government together with Queensland Churches, have made official apologies which can be viewed by following the links below.  The Policy and Procedures document, also available via a link below, informs former residents, former employees and other interested people of UnitingCare Queensland’s processes for dealing with complaints of past abuse or mistreatment. 

All correspondence should be addressed to:

Ms Anne Cross
Chief Executive Officer
UnitingCare Queensland
GPO Box 45
Brisbane QLD 4001

t:  (07) 3025 2001