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A Scan of Disadvantage in Queensland 2010 PDF Print E-mail

ImageThe report aims to create momentum for a proactive, coordinated and targeted approach to reducing entrenched disadvantage in Queensland. It shows the continuing locational nature of disadvantage and recommends place-based partnerships across community, government and business as critical response.

By Fiona Caniglia, Pam Bourke and Angkana Praphakorn Whiley

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Download the Toolkit for Developing Place-Based Responses, the Scan of Disadvantage Report Overview, and Framework for Responding

A Toolkit for Developing Place-Based Responses to Disadvantage # New Image

A Framework for Responding to Place-Based Disadvantage (1.29 MB) 

A Scan of Disadvantage in Queensland 2010: a report overview (732.13 KB) PDF [uploaded 19.05.2010]


Download full Report

A Scan of Disadvantage in Queensland 2010: from analysis to innovation in place-based practice PDF [updated 12.05.2010]

*Errata for Disadvantage Scan distributed at the launch (139.22 KB) PDF [updated 12.03.2010]


Download by Chapters

About the Centre for Social Justice, Table of Contents, Tables, Table of Figures, Glossary and Executive Summary (1.04 MB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

1 Introduction (397.71 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

2 Review of Literature (313.46 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

3 Population Trends in Queensland (929.05 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

4 2006 SEIFA Index of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage (IRSD) for Queensland (part 1) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

4.1 Overview of Queensland
4.2 Wide Bay-Burnett Statistical Division
4.3 North West Statistical Division
4.4 Far North Statistical Division
4.5 West Moreton Statistical Division
4.6 South West Statistical Division
4.7 Central West Statistical Division

4 2006 SEIFA Index of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage (IRSD) for Queensland (part 2) (4.33 MB)PDF [updated 19.05.2010 

4.8 Darling Downs Statistical Division
4.9 Fitzroy Statistical Division
4.10 Northern Statistical Division
4.11 Mackay Statistical Division
4.12 Sunshine Coast Statistical Division
4.13 Gold Coast Statistical Division
4.14 Brisbane Statistical Division
4.15 Discussion

5 Indicators of Disadvantage (4.14 MB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

5.1 Income
5.2 Unemployment
5.3 Education
5.4 Household Type
5.5 Families
5.6 Older people
5.7 People from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds
5.8 People with a Disability
5.9 Housing
5.10 Private Dwellings with No Motor Vehicle
5.11 Health

6 Conclusion (143.43 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

7 A Policy and Program Framework Responding to Spatial Disadvantage (202.55 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

8 Recommendations (140.98 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]

9 References and Appendix (346.87 KB) PDF [updated 19.05.2010]


Additional Appendices

A Scan of Disadvantage in Qld_Bottom 60 SLAs per Indicator (129.5 KB) XLS
SEIFA IRAD 2006 QLD Suburbs (930.5 KB) XLS

Data notes and sources Scan of Disadvantage 2010 (117.41 KB) PDF

Fact Sheets on Statistical Divisions