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UnitingCare Queensland is the health and community service provider of the Uniting Church and supports more than 14 000 people throughout the state every day of the year. With over 15 000 staff in more than 400 geographic locations across Queensland UnitingCare Queensland is one of Australia’s largest non-profit health and community service providers, with an annual operating budget in excess of one billion dollars.


Nominations for the 2014 Queensland Moderator's Community Service Medal are now open

The Moderator's Medal is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to their community. This year we are looking for nominations that truly reflect the mission of UnitingCare Queensland:

As part of The Uniting Church, the mission of UnitingCare Queensland is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities as we:  Reach out to people in need; Speak out for fairness and justice; Care with compassion, innovation and wisdom.

Click here to make your Moderator's Medal nomination before Friday 22 AugustRecipients are announced at the Uniting Church's Synod in Session meeting on 12 October. 



UnitingCare News

Understanding the economic and social value of UnitingCare Queensland
UCQ Deloitte Report Summary InfographicDeloitte Access Economics was commissioned by UnitingCare Queensland to develop a report examining the organisation’s economic significance and contribution to the Australian economy. 

The Deloitte Access Economics Report: Economic and social value of UnitingCare Queensland confirms the impact we have on the Queensland economy, particularly in the regions, and the benefits derived from our substantial volunteer base. 

We discovered:
•  UnitingCare Queensland’s total “value add” to the Australian economy is $1.3 billion

•  We operate in places that private providers may not go and our regional economic contribution in Queensland was $514 million

•  Volunteering across the whole organisation is worth around $29.3 million a year 
•  As an employer, UnitingCare Queensland is larger than the University of Queensland or Brisbane City Council and its total contribution to employment is similar to the number of people employed in the general insurance sector in Australia.  

The Executive summary - Economic and social value of UnitingCare Queensland 2014 and accompanying infographic provide a brief snapshot of the report findings. Read the full report here
UnitingCare Queensland launches second Reconciliation Action Plan

UnitingCare Queensland with pledgeUnitingCare Queensland launched its Reconciliation Action Plan II (RAP II) on 29 May 2014 during a Reconciliation Week celebration at kuril dhagun in the State Library of Queensland.

“This is UnitingCare Queensland’s second Reconciliation Action Plan and I am very pleased with the progress we have been able to achieve over the last few years. In our first report to Reconciliation Australia last April we advised that all actions had been delivered and now with our second action plan, we have the opportunity to commit publicly to more actions that will continue to make a difference” Anne Cross, CEO, UnitingCare Queensland said.

Endorsed and approved by Reconciliation Australia, the Uniting Care Board and the Executive Leadership team, the RAP contains accountable, measurable actions focused on three core elements - strengthening relationships, demonstrating respect and developing mutually beneficial opportunities. 

“It is quite amazing to reflect on the progress we have made and the energy we have created together, across the group, in a relatively short period of time,” Anne said.

The RAP II builds on the work that UnitingCare Queensland has already undertaken towards reconciliation across its service groups - Blue Care, UnitingCare Community, (formerly known as Lifeline Community Care) and UnitingCare Health (The Wesley Hospital and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital and St Stephen’s Hospitals in Maryborough and Hervey Bay). 

Staff from across the organisation were invited to sign a pledge supporting the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as our first people, which will be delivered to Reconciliation Australia.

The UnitingCare Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan II 2014-2017 is now available online. 

UnitingCare supports the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
UnitingCare Queensland, the health and community services provider of the Uniting Church in Queensland, welcomes the decision of the Federal Government to establish a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and commits its full support to the work of the Royal Commission.  

UnitingCare Queensland acknowledges the pain and suffering of all those who have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of institutions and individuals and emphatically states that abuse of children is never acceptable. 

We are committed to justice and reconciliation and we hope the Royal Commission will provide an opportunity for healing, justice and reconciliation for all those who have suffered as well as contributing to improved systems and processes for preventing and dealing with sexual abuse of children. 

The Uniting Church has taken quick and decisive action to respond to the Royal Commission. UnitingCare Queensland is participating on National and Queensland based response groups and we have also established a working group within UnitingCare Queensland to support our service groups’ cooperation with the Royal Commission. 

UnitingCare Queensland has an established policy and process already in place to respond to any former resident who suffered abuse while under the care of a Uniting Church community or health service and has been working with former residents over the years to offer hope and healing. 

We encourage anyone who has used our services and who would like to talk to the Royal Commission to please do so. The Royal Commission’s website contains information about the scope of its work as well as processes and legal and counselling support.  For more information, please go to

We also encourage anyone who would like to talk to UnitingCare Queensland in relation to this topic to please contact (07) 3025 2001 or email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .  We will then ensure an appropriate person contacts you as quickly as possible. 

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance or support please do not hesitate to contact any one of the following organisations who all have trained and professional people who will be able to help. Find a relevant organisation using this link http://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/Support 

The Uniting Church National Assembly has posted information about the Royal Commission here:  http://assembly.uca.org.au/resources/royalcommission  


Australia's first digital hospital to showcase the future of healthcare

ImageAustralia’s first fully integrated digital hospital is to be built at Hervey Bay on Queensland’s Fraser Coast by UnitingCare Queensland with the support of Federal Government funding.

The state of the art “hospital of the future” will be supported by the Health and Hospitals Fund (HHF) which will provide $47 million towards the estimated $87.5 million construction and e-health costs for St Stephen’s Hospital.

Scheduled to open in August 2014, UnitingCare Health’s private 96-bed hospital will not only provide vital medical and surgical services and an unparalleled model of patient care but will also be the first to showcase the future of healthcare.